Property Manager

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  Review how to:   

  • Recognizing features that identify the role of the property manager

•    Identifying pertinent requirements for licensure as a property

•    Identifying the pertinent requirements maintaining licensure as a property manager
•    Understanding the role of common interest management
•    Understand the operation of association boards
•    Applying sound general accepted rules for recordkeeping of moneys and documents
•    Identifying the impact green features have on building efficiencies and to the quality of life of the occupants in these buildings; and more.

Topics include:  

Overview of Property Management Licensure & Exemptions, Role and Fiduciary Duties of the Property Manager, Rights and Responsibilities of Landlords and Tenants, Understanding Common Interest/Community Association Management, Understanding the Operations of Association Boards Communications & Reporting, Recordkeeping & Handling of Moneys and Documents, Human Rights in D.C., Fair housing, & ADA, Some DC & Federal Housing  program: DOPA, HOPA, TOPA, Foreclosures, Non-residential Property Management, Sustainability (Clean Energy DC, Energy Choice DC) Initiatives, HERS Ratings, PACE, Inclusionary Zoning, Capital Improvements & Historic Preservation, and more